Sunday, April 29, 2007

Everything's online now, even Elvish!

No, not Elvis. He really is dead.


This can provoke thought about whether Tolkien's stories about little people have any moral merit, whether it is a waste of time or a noble use of our speculative intellect to create alternative worlds, etc...

or Elvish can be used the way kids use it: as a secret language to speak in when you don't want the teacher, boss, party officials, etc to know what you're really talking about. I believe it sounds quite a lot like Latvian. Others claim Tolkien based it on Irish.

Analyzing how Grimm's Fairy Tales differ from pagan folk tales because of our Christian beliefs is an area of interest... My reservations about Tolkien, Lewis, MacDonald, etc, is that to my knowledge, in 20th century England people didn't really believe in witches [or did they?]. Was it an inauthentic device, kind of like our liturgies that involve faux folk music-- written in New York apartments?-- to whip up inauthentic emotions? Also a real caution for Catholics is the problem of focusing on magic-- a thing forbidden by the Lord our God. A complex topic-- certainly we are allowed to imagine; but how do we tell stories without swallowing the evil we are trying to smash? WWJD?

Gentle reader, I hope these are enough distractions for today.

Comments most welcome!


P.S. WWJD: back to Genesis: did giants like Finn McCool really live on the earth in antediluvian times? Maybe so....

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