Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm Back, & I'm a Little Bit Smarter

It's nice to get a nudge from blog readers, wondering where I am, because that is evidence that there are blog readers for "Catholic Writers"! It's evidence of the interest in this vast and important topic.

While this field lay fallow, I've been involved in two ways with an important project worth mentioning on this site: the International Catholic University [ICU], a low-cost, no-residence distance education program set up by Dr. Ralph McInerny. The ICU has designed M.A. in Theology and Philosophy programs that are administered through the distance education department at Holy Apostle's Seminary and College in Cromwell, CT. These are real degrees. A catechetical certificate program is also in the works through ICU.

This fall, I left a certificate program and jumped into a more challenging distance ed MA in Theology, and the Holy Apostle's program won, over other quality programs such as Franciscan University and the Catholic Distance University. The compelling reasons: no residence requirement, low tuition based on course cost alone, and a generous completion time [10 years to finish!]. Meanwhile I was asked to assist in developing a course for the certificate program. I've been delinquent, and should have been posting a diary on "The One and Triune God," but I've honed my precision in thinking and have learned again to abstract, to simplify, to meditate: skills that atrophy or die a violent death in a fast-paced global society.

I recommend the coursework for all ye writers and readers... but, for those unable to do coursework, DVDs or audio course tapes are available.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ellen