Thursday, April 26, 2007

Catholic Journalism Scholarship Fund Apps Due May 1st

Freelancers or staff writers who are members of the Catholic Press Association are eligible to apply for the Catholic Journalism Scholarships.

Unlike many writing fellowships, the CPA Scholarships can be used for continuing education:
"Scholarships given are in the $250-$1,000 range, and a person who received one grant may apply for a second within five years, up to $2,000.
Scholarships have been granted to learn Spanish, enhance graphic skills, take pastoral ministry courses, go on study trips for Appalachia, pursue M.B.A’s--anything allied to the communications field and their job in the Catholic press.
Applicants need to have been employed in the Catholic press for at least three years."

For complete information, and for eligibility requirements for belonging to the Catholic Press Association, go to:

This blog will endeavor to publicize funding opportunities, conferences, recommended courses, lectures, etc. Stay tuned for more announcements!


jmbrocal said...


We are looking for dynamic and pro-active reporters interested in getting a unique Vatican and European experience!

Rome Reports TV news agency ( has openings for entry-level journalists and recent graduates to join our Rome-based newsroom starting next fall.

Candidates should be fluent in English and Spanish, with some broadcast and Internet experience. Basic conversational Italian or the ability to learn quickly is also desired, in order to attend press conferences at the Vatican and interact with high-ranking Vatican officials and diplomats.

No previous work experience is required. We want multi-taskers who are able to write stories in English and Spanish and edit packages with Final Cut.

The job requires a keen interest in the historical and cultural background of the Roman Catholic Church as well as art history and European culture. Although we also produce documentaries and corporate videos, this is a TV news agency, so speed, teamwork, accuracy and the ability to meet tight deadlines are essential.

If you are interested, please contact us at:

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