Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why this site?

While trade newsletters and websites abound in the writing industry, the need for this online community is great.

Catholics, the heirs to the fulness of the Truth given by Jesus Christ through the Church under the See of Peter, are theoretically the most qualified to contemplate and write about truth, goodness and beauty. Sadly, we are removed from our tradition by lack of exposure. Also, few emerging writers who work in the Catholic market are familiar with the artistic aspects of writing. Therefore, this community will offer postings from a range of writers. We will explore different facets of our intellectual tradition, post information about happenings for writers, and just have a good time.

Please enjoy our blogspot, and come back soon!

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

I happen to belong to a club of young Christian writers who use a private forum for working together, and a good few of them (myself included) are very strong (and very educated, at least considering only a couple of us are even in college so far) Catholics. Is this blog actually of a similar group, or are you just one Catholic writer hoping a community will gather at your blog (or perhaps with a community you already know will gather at your blog)? Because, if there is a Catholic writer group behind this, I and a few friends would be very interested to, shall we say, meet it.